Use of assets in a commercial game

I was searching for a font that one of my asset has so I can modify some text, and found out that it’s a $25 font.
That made me wondering, can I even use this asset in my game made for commercial purposes?
Do I have to buy the font myself?
The asset uses at least 2 fonts from the same family, which is $50 already. I will leave a spicy review for the asset if I have to photoshop every texture in the asset…

Check the licenses on the asset and the font. I imagine that if you bought the asset off of the asset store, then it should be fine to use. If the font asset license allows commercial use, then the creator of the asset would have had the rights to use the font in their asset and sell it. As long as they both have licenses that allow commercial use, you should be fine.
Disclaimer: I am not a professional, this is just my understanding of how this stuff works