Use of Assets in the Asset Store

Forgive me if this question has been answered a thousand times, but the answers I have searched so far are not very clear. I’m in the middle of developing a game, but with just two people its been a long haul with not much progress. My partner and I are looking for a little help from the asset store, particularly a few models and sound. Since reading through this forum I’ve concluded that despite assets being free or purchased I can use them freely in my game without crediting the original author or owing them any money I earn.

What I am wondering is, if we purchase or use free assets how much (if any) can we change them? Say for example I download a few models, but want to alter them in a manner that is more suited to the theme of my game. So long as I don’t try to resell or redistribute the assets I’ve changed as assets alone, am I free to make those changes and then publish my game commercially?

TL-DR: I’m looking to see what my limits are when it comes to altering assets I’ve gathered from the asset store.

Don’t worry i asked this question just recently Can I use assets in game which i publish? Definite answer needed! (answered) - Questions & Answers - Unity Discussions In there you should find a satisfactory answer.