Use of @import when modules are disabled - Xcode error

Hello, I am trying to publish my game on AppStore, never done it before. And here is a screenshot of the errors that I am getting. I googled the error and found a solution, but it didn’t work. The solution was this

"In Xcode set Enable Modules (C and Objective-C) to Yes in Build Settings.
In Xcode right under where you click “Build Settings” it says “All” and “Basic”. Mine had basic selected, and even when you search from “modules”, nothing shows up! But when I clicked “All” instead, I could see the modules setting.
I tried it and it was awkward to find out that the Modules are already set to Yes by default. Here is a link to my settings.

What am I doing wrong :?

Try setting Allow Non-modular Includes In Framework Module = No and do a Clean and Build.

You must enable modules c and objective c in build settings