Use of the inspector along with a custom editorwindow

Hi !

I wanted to know if it is possible to use the inspector with a custom editorwindow of mine ?
Why I want to do that : to keep stuff seperated the editor window for the visual representation, and the inspector for the editing. Doing it all inside the editorwindow can be pretty boring I think :confused:

For instance I have a class Node which is represented by a rectangle in the editorwindow, which got a public field named “node_name”.

What I want : If a click on the rectangle in the editorwindow then the Node object corresponding to that rectangle is selected in the inspector and I’m able to modify his “node_name” by the inspector.

I couldn’t find out if it’s possible, is it ?

Thanks for any help !

Check the Selection editor class.


Selection.activeObject = myObjectInstance;