Use several textures above each other in a single material

Hello everyone,

I have a character who will be beaten and the scarfs on the face will appear.

Let us say I have 5 levels of damage, where according how much he is beaten, the scarfs on his face will increase.

Can I add a texture to the material above the other texture? the newly added texture having the same UVs, with trasparecy.

I know that I can get the texture to photoshop and add the scarf there, but consider I want scarf1 and scarf4 together to appear on the face, then I will be obliged to have all combinations which is of course the wrong way…

so the optimal way is to be able to add texture above each other with any blending mode…
If this is possible , how to achieve or any equivalent or supplementary method?

many thanks

Increase the size of the Materials array. They are draw in order 0+, so 1 is a decal on 0, 2 is a decal on top of that… . You can leave the extra slots as null and they are just skipped.

Code should be something like renderer.Material[1].mainTexture=scarfA;

I’m assuming you mean Scars. Since for a bulky article of clothing like a scarf, you’d want geometry.