use string to search in script

Hey i want to use a string to search for a variable in another script like you can see in the code but unity wont let me do that. Is this even possible it would just save me a bit of work but i wanted to automate as much as possible.

    public string ItemName = "Axe";

    GameData data = SaveSystem.LoadPlayer();
    Item = data. + ItemName;

you can do it by encapsulation you cannot inherit string and variables
you can do it like this If it helps please give alike means alot

On Script A

public string ReturnGrenade() { return noOfGrenade; //it will return String }

on Script B

[SerializeField] ScriptA scriptA; //intialization of ScriptA
    string nade = scriptA.ReturnGrenade(); //Searches and return a variable for Script A