Use trigger to detect gameObjects

This seems like a fairly simple issue to solve, but I can’t seem to figure it out. But I have a bunch of game objects that are empty game objects that only consist of a transform. Now, how can I get my game object with the trigger on it to detect that object that is basically just a single point in the world?

The empty objects need a collider component. Set it to be trigger.

See this chart to find what kind of collision detection to use:

See the Messages section on this page

According to the documentation, the OnTriggerEnter event is only called when both objects have a collider attached, and one of the objects has a rigidbody attached.

My understanding is that you can set both of the colliders to be triggers so unity will not apply any collision response (it will allow them to pass through each other). If you don’t want to have the performance hit from rigidbody’s physics simulation, then just check the IsKinematic box. This will disable the physics simulation but it will still call OnTriggerEnter() when the two colliders touch.

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