Use two cameras (Particle system and DoF)


How can i use two cameras to make my particle system not effected by DoF?

I can add two cameras, and the particle system is only shown by camera 2. If i turn that off, the particle systems will not show.
But with camera 2 on, the DoF script will not work. The background is no longer blurred out. If i turn off camera two, DoF works as it should.

What am i doing wrong?

I have usd layers etc, so all that is working. I have changed the camera two to Depth only, and it has a higher depth value than camera 1. (Camera 1 have -1 and camera 2 have 1. Thou i can still not get it to work.

Layers (to add)

  • Particles

Particle System

  • Layer Particles

Camera 1

  • Culling Mask Everything BUT Particles

  • Depth 0

  • Depth of Field (Add component to Camera’s gameobject)

Camera 2

  • Clear Flags Depth only

  • Culling Mask Particles ONLY

  • Depth 1