Use Visual Studio to debug Unity. Cannot connect to process

So Monodevelop works fine but I much prefer visual studio. I installed the plugin but clicking Attach to Unity Debugger has no results. So I manually attach to the unity process (the same one Monodevelop uses) and it tells me that my code breakpoints cannot get hit by the current process.

Any suggestions? I am not sure what else to try.

I’ve tried to make sure visual studio is running as an admin. This is windows 8.

If you do not see Unity Instance in “Select Unity Instance” window try switch platform in File / Build Settings to PC or Android and try to attach once more.

Hey so just a heads up. I did some more research. This does work and works well however it seems that it only debugs from the player, not from within unity itself. So you have to build and run your project, then VS will see the player and you can attach. You will get breakpoints and step through. Its actually pretty nice.