Use WebCamTexture with multiple Webcams

Hi, I’m currently working on a project with multiple webcams.
I looked at the script reference of WebCamTexture and found out that it uses webcam’s device name as parameter to determine which device to manipulate.

But I am using two webcams of the same model, and hence same device name, is there a way to distinguish which camera I am using?

Add this script to gameobject. Target1 for showing webcam1 feed, target2 for webcam2. You can use (for example) plane or cube as target1 and target2.

javascript codesnippet:`#pragma strict

private var webcamTexture1 : WebCamTexture;
private var webcamTexture2 : WebCamTexture;

var target1 : Transform;
var target2 : Transform;

function Start () {

webcamTexture1 = WebCamTexture();
webcamTexture2 = WebCamTexture();

var devices : WebCamDevice = WebCamTexture.devices;

 if(devices.length > 1){
     webcamTexture1.deviceName = devices[0].name;
     webcamTexture2.deviceName = devices[1].name;
     target1.renderer.material.mainTexture = webcamTexture1;
     target2.renderer.material.mainTexture = webcamTexture2;
     print("Make sure you got two cams");