Used GUID for asset. Assigning a new guid? What does it mean?

Hey guys,

so I have an existing project. I created a Level1 with 2D Terrain Editor tool. Today, I imported a Level2 made by the same tool but on a different computer. So I impoted this Level2 to my existing project and two warnings came up:

The GUID for Assets/TerrainEdit/MeshesForCarLvl2/Terrain2D_mesh_3.asset is already in use by Assets/2DTerrainEditor/SavedMeshes/Terrain2D_mesh_2.asset. Assigning a new guid.

And what actually happend? The level uses the mash as a pattern how the level should look like. What happend? The two levels are using the same mesh after the import of Level2 and are the same. It changed the mash of Level2 using mash from Level1. So I manually assign the right meshes and it is ok. May a problem accure since the warning?

Thanks for any answer…

The solution of this was pretty simple. It was just a warning not an error so I simply assigned the right meshes for both levels. When I was importing the new level, the path or GUID for this mash already existed so it was assigned automaticaly but wrong.