User draw polygons during runtime?

I want to develop a simple iOS app that lets the user draw walls, floors, etc for self-designing their home. I found a good tutorial on snapping objects to a grid at runtime and that’s useful. I also found information on Vectrosity but it isn’t clear if this is only for authoring or something the user can draw at runtime.

I’m new to Unity and trying to figure out what is possible.

Ideas appreciated!

  • Jim

Vectrosity is a package with classes for line display. The displayed lines can be dynamically created or modified. In other words, it can display lines at author or runtime, but it is up to the programmer to write code that captures mouse/finger input and build the set of points being displayed. If I remember correctly, there is a demo that comes with Vectosity of a very simple connect the points drawing (i.e. each click extends the line to the new point).

Vectorsity has a couple of different kinds of lines. For the 3D line drawing (only ones I’ve explored), a set of lines is built into a mesh and therefore drawing the lines requires on a single Draw Call.

For other methods of drawing lines, take a look here:

3 Ways to Draw 3D Lines in Unity3D