User-friendly and practical

Because this is my first time working with AI in Unity, learning to use Sentis is nearly impossible for me for several reasons:

  • The documentation is fine, but there are no examples of actual uses, and the explanations that are provided are too vague for someone using it for the first time. It also uses a lot of terms I have never heard before without explanation.

  • Although the project sample is nice, you could have used more common cases, such as a text-to-speed model or something related to game features.

  • It is difficult to get models from other sites, and for nearly all of them, you must learn how to get models from this site because they are designed for AI programmers with experience rather than novices.

  • As I previously stated, a video on how to obtain models from the websites you mention would be very helpful.


Hi there - Thank you for the great suggestions. We will take these into account when we do the next version of docs and project sample/video soon! Will post here once completed.