Using 16:9 ratio but Resolution in Game is 1366x595

Hi guys, I am pretty new on Unity but I am trying my best on it.

I already know how to make almost all basic things but I’ve been struggling with camera settings

I’ve been using the resolution on 16:9 but when I press Play in game tab my screen is 1366x595 (I am pressing print screen and pasting it on paint to check that).

My camera size is: 180/(2x64) = 1.40625

I was hoping the screen was 1280x720 or a multiple of 16:9, can anyone help me to understand why this is happening?

Also, if you can give me a bonus tip, I’ve created a camera and set it where I would like it to start, but when I move my screen in game tab it affects the camera starting position when I press Play. I was hopping that it would ignore the screen position on game tab and just show the scene considering the position of my camera object.

Sorry if I write something wrong, english is not my first language. Also I would appreciate if you try to explain it in a simple way, it will make it easier for me to understand.

Thank you all.

You can set game view by pixels size of your screen rather than by ratio. And yeah, pretty strange method on finding out real resolution since I believe “Stats” should show to you emulated screen resolution.

What about the secons question: from what I can understand your problem is when you are moving your camera in Game window it changes the start position.

Well, it’s pretty easy: Game window shows to you what your camera is rendering. So, changing camera’s position regardless of current tab will affect the start position while using Play mode. You can do a simple script, which will on Awake() function set your custom position to camera.

Can you show me where to find this Stats? I thought that if I just set the ratio to 16:9 it would be ok, I don’t know why my resolution is not following that. My fear is to keep doing the game and in the future find out that it won’ be in 16:9.

About the second question, I don’t know if thats the case, I am not trying to move my camera on Game tab, the camera keeps it’s starting postion in the inspector, but I am moving the screen on Game tab. Would this change my view when pressing Play?