Using 16:9 ratio but Resolution in Game is 1366x595

Hi guys, I am pretty new on Unity but I am trying my best on it.

I already know how to make almost all basic things but I’ve been struggling with camera settings

I’ve been using the resolution on 16:9 but when I press Play in game tab my screen is 1366x595 (I am pressing print screen and pasting it on paint to check that, I know there are better ways to do this so if you can tell me where to find it I will be thankful).

My camera size is: 180/(2x64) = 1.40625

I was hoping the screen was 1280x720 or a multiple of 16:9, can anyone help me to understand why this is happening?

Also, if you can give me a bonus tip, I’ve created a camera and set it where I would like it to start, but when I move my screen in game tab it affects the camera starting position when I press Play. I was hopping that it would ignore the screen position on game tab and just show the scene considering the position of my camera object.

Sorry if I write something wrong, english is not my first language. Also I would appreciate if you try to explain it in a simple way, it will make it easier for me to understand.

Thank you all.

To modify the screen resolution of the Game window in the Unit Editor, modify this:

But, if you build (export) the game, the resolution can be changed in the Display Resolution Dialog, to change that, go to Edit/ProyectSettings/Player and the modify this:

I hope this helps you! :smiley: