Using 2 cameras on a mobile game: performance hit?

I need to set up 2 cameras: one for the focused objects, one for the blurred ones (background and foreground). The reason why I don’t want to use pre-blurred textures is that they cost memory on the long run (or, if small in size, small pre-blurred textures look disgusting).

I’d like to ask about the performance (mainly memory) hit the 2 cameras may casue? Do 2 cams increase the memory used by that much?

The performance impact should be negligible. Rendering cost is determined by the number of elements drawn to the screen, not by the number of cameras used to draw those elements. So long as you set the culling masks on each camera in order to minimise overdraw, there’s no reason this wouldn’t work on mobile.

But, why guess? It’s trivial to use the profiler to find out for certain: Unity Connect