Using 8k maps to reduce draw calls?


Currently I’m using several separate textures for a model.
However, I read that one should reduce draw calls, and they can be reduced by putting all textures into 1 single texture.
However, when I want to maintain the textures quality, I would have to use an 8k texture map, and Unity only allows up to 4k.

Can somebody tell me his opinion on this matter?

Thank you!

Well, it is a tricky situation. You cannot guarantee that lower draw call will give you better performance if you use higher resolution textures and higher polygons to join up meshes. You will have to test and see for yourself. But you will not be able to use a 8K map.

Make 2 4K maps? Seriously, I’m not an expert on this, but this just seems obvious to me. Unless you were combining 2 4K textures into that 8K map, you’re still reducing draw calls. Please someone correct me if I’m wrong.

It depends how often you use the texture in your atlas. If a whole level only used one atlas at 4k, that should give you good performance on anything but mobile (often mobile has 2k limit, depending on GPU). But if you’re using multiple 4k atlases on one level, that’s approx 120MB per 4k texture in memory, so each texture in a material - diffuse, normal, specular etc. is using that much memory - could get pretty bad.