Using a Burst in a script

I’m trying to use the burst from a particle system. If someone can help me access the burst on the particle system through a script and run it, that would be very helpful. I’m just trying to simply make it so when I press play, the effect will go off. I know you can do this on particle system itself, but I want to do it by accessing it in a script. I’ve been using Unity - Scripting API: Burst as a reference. Sorry if this is a weird question, but I’m pretty new to Unity and I’m still just getting the hang of it.

It is under emmision

                                   new ParticleSystem.Burst(1f, 10), //float_time, short_count

But I guess you just want to use ParticleSystem.Emit

I think you just need to call ps.Play();
It will burst particles every time you call it.

public ParticleSystem.Burst(float _time, short _count);
public ParticleSystem.Burst particle;

Construct a new Burst with a time and count.