using a string variable as an argument in gameobject.find() does not work ?

i need to search for a name that that is is stored in a variable but apparently i cannot use a string as the argument in gameobject.find

isnt gameobject.find required to use a string?

this code returns the error
error CS0176: Static member `UnityEngine.GameObject.Find(string)’ cannot be accessed with an instance reference, qualify it with a type name instead

string finder;
void Start () {

    for(int o=0;o<10;o++){

for(int p=0;p<10;p++){

GameObject hold	=gameObject.Find(finder);

It's GameObject.Find, not gameObject.Find. Let me know if it's sufficient.

Although I don’t use JS anymore try…

GameObject hold = GameObject.Find(finder.toString());


GameObject hold = GameObject.Find(finder.ToString());