Using an Excel generated .csv file


I want to find a pipeline for getting data from an Excel document into my Unity project. I have an Excel file with two columns. The columns are USERNAME and PASSWORD.

Using Excel I’ve exported a Windows Comma Separated .csv file. There is a comma delimited between the USERNAME and PASSWORD, but there is no comma between the name value pairs, there is a new line instead. So will using the SetDelimiters method in TextFieldParser work?

I believe the end result I need is a Dictionary or Hashtable containing the USERNAME and PASSWORD name value pairs for lookups.

I think my pipeline would be exporting a comma separated .csv file from the Excel document. Then, using C#, load the .csv file and parse it into a Hashtable or Dictionary.

Does that sound right?

Can anyone share any tips, advice or code?


That sounds correct. People have asked the same question and here is one of the question/answer:

Just have a Dictionary logins; That uses Username(key) to password(value) if that is what you are looking for. That will let you look up a username and it will return a password.

For example:
Once the username and password are stored.
string password = login[“SpiderJones”]; //this how you would get the password

The other option is to read from the .csv directly. Check out C# Excel Tutorial. I believe that has enough information for you to do what you want.