Using an external level editor?

I’m new to Unity, but I can tell already that I like it. My only issue is the lack of depth perception in the default Unity level editor; it’s hard to get objects aligned just right when you can’t properly judge how far away something is. Hell, I even have a hard time telling if my treasure chests are touching the ground or not! It’s usually the case that the items I place are either floating above the ground slightly or clipping slightly with the ground.

What I want to do is use an external level editor, such as Hammer, UDK, or Getic, to make my level geometry and then import it into Unity. How would I go about doing that? Would it be possible to export it from my external editor into a Unity scene file, or would I have to export it as a 3D model and then import the model?

Um - I’ve got a feeling you’re simply looking for this,

click apple-1 to bring up the “scene” window

look at the strange-looking 3D icon at the top right of that window


click actually in the middle of the little box and it will change between persp and isometric

also click on any one of the 8 “trumpets” to flip the view around and align it.

hope it helps

I’m almost certain you can NOT use other scene editors.

you can’t “export as a 3D model” from a game engine, well not this one ! Also just importing one large 3D model wouldn’t be like a scene, which is about complicated relationships between various things in the scene (including but not limited to mesh models).