Using an RPC call within an RPC function?

is it possible to send an RPC call to a client from an RPC function on a server?
for example, can I send a message to the client with:

void ServerAddInfo(string name, string password, int score, NetworkPlayer player) {
	for(int i=0; i < profane.Count; i++) {
		if(!name.Contains(profane_) && !password.Contains(profane*)) {*_

* PlayerNode newEntry = new PlayerNode();*
* = name;*
* newEntry.password = password;*
* newEntry.score = score;*
* newEntry.netPlayer = player;*
* playerList.Add(newEntry);*
* Debug.Log(name+" password=“+password+” joined the game with a score of "+score);*
* Refresh(show,, newEntry.score);*
* }*
if(name.Contains(profane_) || password.Contains(profane*)) {
networkView.RPC(“RecieveAcceptOrDeny”, player, “This is a clean game! Please don’t use profanity!”);

or can a server not do that? will it do that if i add a networkView on it?_

Sorry to dig that out again, but I really wanted to share my experience with you!
Yes, it works to call RPCs inside RPCs, but it can lead to a misordering!

If the Server makes a RPCMode.All call and INSIDE that invokes a new RPCMode.All, then the RPCs are send in the wrong order to the clients (on the server it’s fine).
So keep that in mind. I’ll file a bug-report, and hopefully this is fixed.

Yes, you can do that just fine.

I have numerous times - it’s almost unavoidable.

RPC just queues a message, so no risk of deadlock or anything like that.