Using an xbox xboxcontroller as XRDirect interactor (Virtual reality)

I am working on a project where I need to implement 2 extra hands in virtual reality which can be controlled with an xbox controller. I can move the hands without problem but I like them to interact with object in a simular way as the VR controllers can (for example: grabbing objects,…). However to implement the XR Direct interactor component, you also need the XR controller (action based) component, and i don’t need all those interactions that are implemented there (I want to ignore rotation for now). That said, it seems like i can’t get it working.

I am quite new to unity, but I have experience with programming.

I will really appreciate everyone’s help.

For the people who have a similar idea/problem. I solved it by discarding the XR interactor components and instead writing my own classes. I used this tutorial (How to Grab Objects and Two Handed Grab in VR - Intermediate Unity VR Tutorial - YouTube) and by creating 2 new follow points for these hands which can be moved with the Xbox controller.