Using asset bundles across multiple projects possible?

Let’s say I have two projects with the same codebase i.e, both projects have the exact same scripts in them, but they have different assets in them. If I build the assets in one project into an asset bundle, will I be able to use that bundle in the other project if they also have scripts attached?

What I’m trying to do is build an archviz system where I’d have a master project that has all of the code and functionality stuff in it and then have asset projects for building the assets and scenes. All of the asset projects would basically be clones of the master project only with different assets. I’d build the application from the master project, then build asset bundles from the asset projects, place them under the application’s StreamingAssets and load them from there. Is this possible?

The asset projects can reach sizes of several gigabytes and have hundreds if not thousands of files in them, so having them all in a single project is not really feasible. Even now with a single project building the asset bundles is taking up to an hour.

Hi MikkoK, i’m about to embark on the same thing. Have you had any luck making this work? are the scripts still working if you do this?