Using CachedXMLHttpRequest

I looked at the asset from Unity Unity Asset Store - The Best Assets for Game Making and tried implementing it. There is pretty much 0 documentation and the only semi detailed explanations were 3rd party blogs like Unity WebGL Memory Optimization: Part Deux.

This package is suppose to store your asset bundles out of memory so that they do not take up memory during runtime. If you have 5 bundles, they will all be constantly in memory even if you are not using them.

I tried implementing this package but my IDBFS database is still full and still in memory. Is there any C# modifications i need to make to use this package? How do i implement besides add the package to my project?


The package comes with exactly two asset files: The actual “jspre” library and a readme.txt file. I don’t quite get your “0 documentation” statement.

Anyways, the library is a js module which is automatically available. You don’t have to do any thing special. However in your C# code of course you have to use the ordinary UnityWebRequest or the WWW class and not using any of “LoadFromCacheOrDownload” stuff. This module will automatically cache all http requests that go through WWW or UnityWebRequest as long as no custom request headers are used and the server actually returns an ETag header.

I don’t quite understand your last paragraph. If your client side indexed DB is “full” (which i doubt), you can not cache anymore files.

So you should use WWW or UnityWebRequest to do the actual downloading and then make sure you actually cleared the cache on the client side / browser.