Using contact point

I looked through the script reference page for contact points but I am still unsure on how to use it in my position. I have a for loop that applies to every object within the array setup with on trigger enter. The code is as follows:

function Update()
	for(var hit in colliders)
		//Set the Various Stats, calculated and read from varass, to each object
			var waterLevel = transform.position.y;
			var floatStats = hit.collider.gameObject.GetComponent("varass") as varass;
			var floatForce  = floatStats.bouyancy+((waterLevel-hit.transform.position.y)*5);
			var returnSpeedX=(floatStats.IXPos-hit.rigidbody.rotation.x)*5;
			var returnSpeedZ=(floatStats.IZPos-hit.rigidbody.rotation.z)*5;
			//Apply current and float force
			hit.rigidbody.AddForce (floatStats.xCurrent, floatForce, floatStats.zCurrent);
			transform.RotateAround (ContactPoint, Vector3.right, 2);
			transform.RotateAround (ContactPoint, Vector3.fwd, 2);


In the place of ‘ContactPoint’ I want to call the contact point of each object on contact with the water. First of all do contact points work with a trigger or not, and if so what syntax would i use to find the contact point of each object in the array.


ContactPoints are part of the Collision class which is only passed to OnCollisionEnter. That means it doesn’t work with triggers. Triggers can intersect other colliders / triggers, so there are no contact points.