Using DCOM under Unity

Hi there, I'd like to communicate via DCOM (Distributed COM) with an industrial OPC server. There are libraries that handle the DCOM and OPC part, Advosol offers a library with an C# API. I've tried to use their assembly in Unity but I'm getting a lot of System.TypeLoadExceptions. This makes me suspect that Mono 2.6 does not support DCOM (I'm using unity3). Can anybody shed some light on this ?

Thanks in advance, Patrick

Thats very well possible, that mono does not support it or that unity cut the support for it as it is nothing they see as usefull for a game - visualization environment.

what you can do is write an unmanaged dll that does the communication (either with DCOM directly or another layer that does that) and then bind that through plugin in your unity pro (the unity pro part is likely a requirement independent of anything as I'm pretty confident that even the dcom module likely uses marshaling somewhere along the line which is pro only)