using dreamweaver and autocomplete

Is there some file I can to dreamweaver that would support unityscript highlighting and autocomplete?

I seriously doubt you could do that.

What is your reasoning for this? If you are looking for a decent script editor download Visual C# express and set it as your default text editor.

It supports all the Autocomplete and syntax highlighting you would require.

Dreamweaver will highlight your default Unity javascript syntax if you open up the file as a .js, but you can specify that you want a different syntax by editing one of the xml define's @

As far as I know, Dreamweaver does not have such a function, but you can find an alternative and another program that uses it. As far as I know, BlueGriffon uses something like this. You can read about it in this article best Dreamweaver alternatives - 10 Free Dreamweaver Alternatives for Windows and Mac - TechMused
I hope to be useful