Using Eclipse as editor for Unity

I have been using Eclipse for quite a while and have gotten used to its auto-complete and inline code help. I’m using Javascript.

Is there anywhere I could use Eclipse as the editor for Unity so that I could get the auto-complete for the Unity’s version of Javascript and the inline code help?

I am not developing games for Android. But the features in Eclipse are really good. The inline code help is especially helpful for me as a newbie to Unity because it will be very convenient to simply press F1 on a function to review its information in the documentation.

I have searched the web but most websites only mention about Visual Studio and UnityDevelop.

So, is there any way I could use Eclipse as the editor for Unity, especially to get the features mentioned above?

Just a single Google Search away I actually found this guide on the forums for integration.

Found here, if its not working I’m almost positive that you would be able to find just about anything useful on Google itself.

Best of luck in your future endeavors!

See Unity3d and Eclipse for how compatible they are.