Using "fonts" that are actually images for a multi-outline effect.

I’m working on an iOS/Android game and want to use outlined fonts that have color. I’ve learned that fonts cannot have color so my idea is to create the characters I need inside a vector program and save each character as a separate image. I only need numbers 0-180 so 181 image files. With that i’m thinking I can just draw the images using GUI.DrawTexture to display the number to make it look like it’s an actual font. I know this will work, but does this sound like a bad idea? Does anyone know any other way around this? 181 images is a lot but right now it’s the only idea I can come up with.

You may want to consider using an Atlas. This is where you have a single image, but then have some kind of table of rectangles into the single image that are each of the letters (in your case). Then you just need a dictionary of the rectangles keyed by the letter they represent.

Where are you going to use these fonts? Are you going to use it on your website or blog? I found awesome fonts for logos and websites 30+ Awesome Fonts for Logos and Websites - MasterBundles Both for free and paid. Actually, an appropriate fonts are most important for your website or blog. Thank you so much!