Using FPS styled arms for an RPG game.

Currently,for my first game,I am trying to design an RPG. I am modeling everything,and I thought about this.

If I made the game in first person,would doing what most first person war games do,and just use arms? Such as arms to hold the swords,objects,etc… or would it be better to model a whole character,which most likely will never be seen since its my first game,and I want to keep it basic.

Like,could the arms bug out,or is this style only used in FPS’s,and no other Genre?

Model only what you have to. If you never plan on showing the whole players character then there is no need for the whole model. Save a very small amount of CPU cycles and don’t worry about the additional detail.

No reason that this is a FPS approach other than the camera perspective and style of game play. Many successful RPG’s now have a First Person Perspective option, Oblivion, Fallout etc.