Using free webhoster to store data?


I’ve made a 2D platformer with a level editor for custom levels (saving the levels as xml files). Now I want to allow the player to share his custom levels with everyone else. I want to host my game on different sites like gamejolt, newgrounds, kongregate etc. Some of them offer a database to store the users levels but this comes with some problems:

  • Some sites like newgrounds don’t have an api for unity yet
  • Every site uses different databases (gamejolt can store strings, kongregate just numbers etc.).
  • And the most important: The savestates wouldn’t be available from every site. I want the player to share his levels independent from the site he is playing on.

Cause of this I wanted to store the levels on a independent server but I can’t afford a paid one. Therefore I made an account on Now I just have one question left: How can I access the server to store the xml files? I need to save files and also browse through existing files to load a level.

Can anyone tell me how I can access the server from unity? I know 000webhost offers ftp to upload files but as far as I know Unity doesn’t support ftp anymore, right? Can I write an html page which can be accessed from unity and does the save/load process on the server?

If there is already an answer on this it would be nice if you could tell me the link. My searches were without helpful results…

For sending the .xml files, you want to use Unity’s WWWForm class:

The Unity’s example found on that page will also explain, that you’ll want to have a server-side script (in this case, written with Perl) to handle the file saving on the server-side.

In your case however, you’d want to use PHP (since supports PHP, not Perl).
For PHP file uploading, there is a tutorial here:

To recap, use WWWForm to send the files and PHP to receive them to the server.