Using Handles.DrawAAPolyLine


I'm trying to use the function Handles.DrawAAPolyLine to draw a line in the scene view. However I can't seem to set the width of that line, it looks like it is 1 unit wide all the time. In the docs it points to HandleUtility.GetHandleSize to help adjusting the width, but I can't find where to use it.

The syntax is as follows:

static function DrawAAPolyLine (params points : Vector3[]) : void

static function DrawAAPolyLine (lineTex : Texture2D, params points : Vector3[]) : void

By using reflection I can see that Handles internally calls a function with a width parameter

private static function Internal_DrawAAPolyLine2 (Color color, Vector3[] points, Texture2D texture, float width) : void

But that function is private, so I can't use it.

Anyone got any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

reading this page:

You have to initialize the drawing system before you can actually use it. Similar to the runtime class GL.

Research the main class ‘handles’ and i hope that gets you going :smiley:

EDIT: Realized this question is old, but hopefully someone can benefit from a pointer in the right direction