Using HDRP, why does my UI block light making everything around it dark?

This is an HDRP project and basically when I hide the board in my canvas, everything is illuminated as I want it to be:


but when I set to active my board, light around it fades out and everything is plunged into darkness:


It’s probably important to note that my canvas is set to Screen-Space Camera.

The images are taken from my Game View. I would like the light to go through my UI.

Do I need to use light layers?

I also tried using a second camera but it acts weird, and other posts seems to say that using two cameras with HDRP is not ideal.

I can’t understand why UI would ever need to interfere with lighting. Is this normal behavior?

I gladly appreciate any comment.

Hey There a fix , Go to your volume add in an Override call Exposure And turn on the limits of the exposure 179881-screenshot-2021-04-27-164636.jpg

Same Here when my UI is on screen space- camera or world space it will cause problem with the lighting , if u have any fixes pls do tell .

Hey there,

are you sure you dont have a background “Image”?
Since UI should not interfere with shadows and i see, your whole UI have a “Fullscreen” dark “background”, thats why maybe check that, if so, set its color to be invisible

same here have u solve it by any chance?