Using interactive cloth on characters

Hi all,

I’m looking to buy Unity 5 but before I do I want to see if it will be able to do what I need. I’m looking for examples of using interactive cloth on characters. I know this sounds pretty basic but all I can find are people making flags, curtains, and a single cape.

I would like to find out:

The best way to attach a obj outfit to an avatar?

If I use capsule collides on the shoulders will the sleeves still drape around the arm or are they fixed there like cement?

If I’m using interactive cloth on a avatar do I need to paint weights?

For sleeves do I need to make the whole arm a collider?

Where would be the best points on the body to “tac” the dress too so it’s not falling all over?

On the unity site it says the interactive cloth is supposed to help out with character clothing but there is no demonstration of this. Can anyone point me to a video that could show me these things or could answer my questions above? Thank you!

Interactive cloth was removed in Unity 5. For physical simulation of clothing you can use the cloth component instead, although note that it is very unusual to simulate entire garments in this way - you would normally do that using animation.
There aren’t many tutorials about the new cloth component yet - here’s one: - YouTube

(Also note that “before you buy” Unity Pro, you should just download and start using Unity Personal - it has exactly the same feature set).