Using iPhone as gamepad for Standalone

Hey guys,

I’ve seen this video from CES 2011. An iPhone is used as gamepad for a game:
youtube video

I really like to know how this can be done, it’s very interesting!
Any idea? Suggestions?


I guess some kind of socket connection would be the way to go. Shooting a bit from the hip, you might be able to use the built in unity networking client (caveat: I don’t know if the desktop and mobile networking stacks are compatible) and let iphone client control one controller object (use accelerometer to rotate a box or something like that), and the read off those values in the desktop client.

If you are making your own game in Unity and have the ability to build for iPhone as well I would suggest you hook your game up to your iPhone with Unity Networking. After that i would use the joysticks from the latest unity example project (AngryBots) and just sent the input from the joysticks to the server (your game) with RPC calls.

Do you have a more concrete example so we can give more feedback?