Using iTween to chain multiple paths together

I’m using iTween’s MoveTo function, and it’s working great. However, I’d like to have iTween do a series of functions, and when one function finishes, the next one begins (e.g. start at A, iTween.moveTo B, when B is reached, iTween.moveTo C, when C is reached, iTween.moveTo D).

I’m familiar with the onComplete parameter, and I’m pretty sure the solution will involve that, but I’m having difficulty wrapping my head around it. Can anyone push me in the right direction?

You could store your iTween.Hashe(/* your parameters*/) (returns a HashTable) in a Queue.
In your OnComplete function you would to something like this (C#):

iTween.MoveTo(gameObject, yourQueue.Dequeue());

OK, here’s the answer. To make a function fire at the end of an iTween, use “oncomplete” in the hashtable. If your function in oncomplete requires a variable, put it in “oncompleteparams”. If your function requires multiple parameters, use the technique found here: Multiple Parameters through itween - Questions & Answers - Unity Discussions

Fortunately, I was able to rewrite my code so that multiple parameters were not needed, but now I know where to turn if that is the case. Hope this helps someone.