Using Java EE Web Services with Unity 3D

Can anyone tell me is there a way to specifically use Java EE Web Services with Unity3D for mySQL DB access?

I know there’s a tutorial on the Unify Community wiki page about using C# Web Services, but I don’t have extensive knowledge about the kind of server needed to run the service and about C# mySQL DB access, so I’m asking specifically about Java EE Web Services.

To make things crystal clear,…

  • I’m not interested in tutorials on how one would write a Java EE Web Service.

  • I’m interested in how one would consume a Java EE Web Service from within Unity either using C# or JavaScript.

Thanks to everyone helping in advance.

Since no one has answered for a few days I went and did some more “in depth” research about general communication between Java and .NET WS technology.

With a bit of a more “precise” search on google I have managed to find the following:

Java and .NET both ways

Java WS to .NET in depth

Now, I know both of these articles are a bit old but I hope they will still help.

I will try and use the knowledge provided from these two articles and the article on the Unify Community Wiki page.

Upon success I’ll edit this answer and provide a link to a GitHub repo with a demo and explanation of the solution.

Ok, so turns out it was harder to set up the Git repo than to actually finish this little escapade.

Link to repo!

I will upload a README to the repo later with a detailed description, but for now I’ll list the requirements to run the project here.


NetBeans (with JavaEE and GlasFish4 server)

Mono(a separate installation of Mono than included with Unity)