Using Json to store data for objects

Hi guys i realize there is a bit about this out there already but i cant seem to figure it out.

Im setting up a json file to hold a list of racing drivers like so


"driverFname": "Christian",

    "driverFname": "Christian",
    "driverLname": "Grettel",
    "driverCountry": "Germany",
    "Age": 24,
    "driverTeamInfo": {
        "driverTeamID": 1,
        "driverCarNum": 1
    "driverStats": {
        "driverSpeed": 94,
        "driverConsistancy": 85,
        "driverOvertaking": 65,
        "driverDefence": 75,
        "driverFeedback": 70

Im still very new to C#, what im trying to do is read these values out and create an object with all these settings, i have about 24 drivers and i want to create an object for each of them. Im just a bit lost as to how to go about actualy sticking these values into an object and if my json formating and brackets are all right. Any help would be greatly appreciated

you can use this site to validate your JSON :

and use a parser to read it… i would suggest MiniJSON: