Using keyboard in editor causes lag [UPDATE: SOLVED]

This problem has emerged randomly since my last launch of Unity - I have not touched the engine or the game for a week or two before this. I’m running 5.4.
Whenever I test my game in the Unity editor, the simple act of using the keyboard in any capacity (including typing keys that I haven’t bound any inputs to) will cause the game to lag down to sub-12FPS from a stable >60. The mouse does not cause this, nor does this bug appear in builds of the game. It seems that just touching my keyboard will slow the game down, in every scene, with no exceptions. No scripts are shared between the two scenes in my game, so I am fairly certain that I haven’t written anything that would cause this. Has anyone else encountered this?

UPDATE: I have solved the issue myself, remarkably quickly after posting this. It seems from this thread I managed to find thatEVGA PrecisionX causes the issue - a program I have installed in the time between my last Unity launch and now. I’m putting this here in case someone else has this issue in the future, to save them the time.