Using Light on UI elements

I set my material, my layers and still, the light on my UI elements (ui image) do work on editor window but not ingame window.

Somebody knows how to fix that ?
( I scale my UI with screen sice, and my canvas is set to screen space/overlay)

thanks !

“Screen Space - Overlay” doesn’t support lighting, just to let people know. “Screen Space - Camera” does, but it’s less efficient, partly because of the lighting, partly because the UI elements are moved with the camera.

Try setting your material shaders to Sprites/Diffuse if you haven’t already standard UI shaders won’t allow lighting

I have the same problem. How can I make an Image inside Canvas be affected by lights? I see everything fine in Scene view but not on Game tab. Did you manage to fix this issue?

if the canvas is set to world space, set additional shader channels in the canvas component to everything. it should fix the problem.