Using light proxy volume in order to keep dynamic batching


Concerning not static mesh renderer:

  • real-time lightning break dynamic batching
  • light probe set to “blend probes” in mesh renderer component break dynamic batching

And without real-time lightning or light probe, those objects are completely black, since they do not receive any light information.

But, I discovered that I can keep dynamic batching if I do the following:

  • I create a unique light probe proxy volume component that cover the whole place where mesh renderer objects are.
  • I set light probe to “use proxy volume” in each mesh renderer component. And I set “Proxy Volume Override” to the unique light probe proxy volume.

This make the dynamic batching working. But I am wondering: Is it really a good idea to do that? Is there a “hidden” cost behind this?

I have the feeling that light probe proxy volume functionality has not be created for that…

According to this

LPPV no longer support batching, which for me defeats the whole purpose in using them.