using model that is geometry placed?

I don’t even know what that means…

I bought 3d model that is animated flag and I wanted turbosquid support to convert a max file to fbx

and they said,

" I noticed that the animation that was included is basically geometry placement. Unfortunately, this type of animation cannot be converted to an .fbx file format as it will only bake in movements from bones/bipeds "

and I remembered that unity also supports max file!

I imported max but still animation of flag didn’t play

Can please I get some help on this one?

I really want that animated flag in my castle!

geometry displacement is usually achieved by shaders. fbx can only create animation from bones. this is absolutely another type of animation and it can’t be converted from 1 type to another.

so, methinks in model you got animation is also based on some type of shader, and 3d software shaders usually can’t be converted to realtime shaders at all… all you need is shader for this type of animation. or model animated by bones (not good solution for flag)