Using Modo 401 animations in Unity?

I'm thinking about buying Modo 401 but I would like to know something first.

Can Modo export animations to Unity without any problems? I've read many threads about this and it's kinda confusing. Some people say it can't and some say it can. Also, the modo section in the unity documentation is for version 201 (or so I heard) so it's obsolete now.

Can someone clear this up for me?

I've just created a super-simple test-scene in Modo, exported to FBX and imported into Unity, and that seemed to work. However, Modo now has a pretty advanced kind of animation system in 401 which allows you to do all kinds of fancy things. My understanding would be that what you can do is import the result into Unity - but you won't be able to use all the parametrization-magic that Modo 401 provides; so it'll just be a "static animation" (funny combination of words but I think it makes sense in the context ;-) ).

Modo 401 doesn't have actual bones so I think that's the main problem.