Using mouse input methods for touch screen

I currently have all my input controlled through OnMouse methods (OnMouseDown, OnMouseUp, etc) even though it’s a mobile touch screen game. It works fine because I’m not doing any complicated gesture stuff. The only problem I ran into was disallowing multi-touch, which was easily handled by just using a global bool for a “clicked” and “unclicked” state and only allowing new clicks/taps on things if the bool was in the “unclicked” state.

It seems to work perfectly fine on every device I’ve tried (iPad 3, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5S, Galaxy S4). My only question is… are there unforeseen consequences to implementing it this way instead of using touch input with the Touch class? Are there specific devices where this might not work correctly?

I’ll admit I’m being lazy and don’t want to implement proper touch, but do I even need to?

There shouldn’t be any problems, this is why Unity allowed mouse usage in this way. In fact, with android development you can mark the manifest as non-multi-touch. I’m not sure what the equivalent to that is in other mobile platforms however.