Using multiple layered single sprites in one game object

Hey I am still a beginner and very new to unity, so please explain things in a way i can understand them, thanks a lot!
So I have this selfmade sprite here, and i made him in aseprite. I drew all the different body parts (legs, hands, head, …) on different layers. I wanted to now use the handie animation recorder for smoth animations, but I ran into an issue.
My code for him walking was desined in a way that if he walks left, his X-Axis would be flipped, and I used the sprite renderer in a different scraped project before.
As I tried to do the same I ran into the issue that i could not drag all the sprites into the sprite renderer. I also tried to use a prefab (here is a picture of the sprite in my project tab)

Please tell me if you know a way to avoid this, or a whole different way!

If you are talking about SpriteRenderer.flipX property, then yes, if you change it on the sprite renderer, only this sprite renderer will be flipped, not child objects. Your approach works well with one sprite renderer with frame animation, but not for child objects SpriteRenderers.

Try to use the scale property on the Transform property instead. When scale.x equals 1, your object looks in the default direction. When it is -1, it is the opposite. Related post on Unity Forum

Thank you very much, I will try that real quick!

Sorry, but there is an error occurring saying that scale is not a viable definition for transform. What should the code or this line look like.

For me it looks like this:

void AnimAtator()
    if (horizontalInput > 0f)
        anim.SetBool("Running", true);
        sprite.Scale.x = -1;