Using MySQL with browser games

I have two questions related to using MySQL with a browser-deployed Unity game:

1) Is it safe to directly use the MySQL connector in the game code? I know that this is normally dangerous, as there are methods for uncovering the database username/password. However, in the case of a browser game, would all such communication happen server-side, negating the security risk?

2) If you do directly use the MySQL connector in a browser-only game, would you be subject to MySQL's commercial license fee? My understanding is that you are only subject to the license if you are distributing the connector. I'm curious if a browser-based game would be considered distribution in this sense.

I understand any answers can't be taken as legal advice :) I would definitely verify with a MySQL rep before embarking on a commercial endeavor.

1) Unity is never executed on the server, always the clients machine. As such you would require a wildcard account to the DB, which is a serious security threat.

2) First you have to find one that works with .NET cause normally the binding is in relation to the mysql dynamic unmanaged libraries (dll / so), which can not be used in the webplayer at all. Once you found that, check its license and consequences.

Use PHP / ASP / CGI as a communication inbetween and WWW requests to get your data.