using namespace; vs namespace.some_method_or_class_name

I want to know when to use which, i.e., say if i have a gamecontroller class which will run for the entire course of the game. And, i want to use 1-2 functions from a given namespace (which could be big in size) 4-5 times a frame (can vary). So, i want to know which way is better; including the whole namespace (for eg. using UnityEditor;).or using the second way (eg. UnityEditor.Editor in Editor Scripts)?

Can anyone explain which is the better way based on the situation (i.e., acc. to number of times the function is called.)

@Eric5h5 , if you can explain this, that would be awesome.

This is entirely a matter of code style and as such there is no “right” answer. You should do whatever makes your code clearer to understand.