Using one animation on multiple objects?

In my scene, I have several different panels with buttons on them. The buttons are all already there, they’re all duplicates of eachother (excluding color), and there’s maybe 30 in total. I made an animation for one of the buttons so when I click the mouse, the button goes down, and then back up again. The problem is, I want all of these buttons to have the exact same animation, but I don’t see a way to easily just transplant the animation from one to all 30. Is there a way to do that?

By making an animation controller and providing that one controller to all of them? That should work. The animation is made to the transform or something they all share, so that same value will be changed in the same way that it is on the other panels. You will need to have a script that interacts with the controller, telling it when to move and stuff, but that is rather simple. Plenty of tutorials online!