Using OpenGL instead of SetPixels-Apply

I’m getting from a function a Color32 array which represents an image. Right now, I’m using SetPixels and Apply functions to update a texture every couple of frames. The problem is that I’m getting too low FPS (from 6 to 15 fps). I read there is an alternative: use OpenGL to deal directly with the GPU. But I have no clue how can this be done, I never worked with OpenGL before. Any help, link or code would be very appreciated.

(In fact, I’m getting the image from the ZigFu Plugin, which sends the RGB sensor data from the kinect)

You should get the older OpenNI stuff (still available on the ZigFu site I think, but in any case should be floating around) and see how they did it there. Did exactly what you describe, was very fast. If you can’t find it let me know and I’ll dig up the routine and paste it here (it’s a lot of code, so you might be better off getting the package yourself)